Thursday, January 15

Dog Sledding in Muskoka

What to Expect on your Dog Sledding Adventure

Dog sledding has become a popular winter adventure in Ontario, and for good reason! Mushing behind a team of dogs, up hills and down, winding and wending through a snow-clad Muskoka forest on the edge of Algonquin Park is an experience you'll never forget.

Part of the appeal of the adventure is its hands-on nature. Contrary to what you might think, dog sledding is not a passive activity where you sit back and watch the world go by. As the musher, you work too!

The trip starts at a local farmhouse ranch where you’ll be greeted by owners Brad and Leah. One of them will be leading your group and they may enlist help from the trip participants to harness the dogs and prepare the sleds. Instructions follow—pay attention!—before you hit the trail in a dog sled convoy.

Two riders share a sled and team of five to eight dogs. One person starts out riding in the sled and the other person stands at the back and 'drives'. Half-way through the the half-day (approximately 3-hour) trip you break for hot chocolate and granola bars. After the break, you switch positions with your sled-mate so everyone has a chance to ride and drive.

As with any outdoor sport, dog sledding is best enjoyed if you're well prepared for it. There are no indoor facilities out on the trail, so you're outside the entire length of your trip. It can get very cold sitting in the sled, and you can work up a sweat when it's your turn to mush, so dressing in layers that you can add or remove is important, as are warm winter boots. Consider bringing hand and foot warmers to tuck in your mitts and boots. If you have ski goggles, bring those too. 

We also suggest you bring an old blanket or sleeping bag to sit on or under during your ride in the sled. And don't forget your camera/video!

Guests of the inn can add a Muskoka Dog Sledding adventure to any overnight stay by booking directly with one of the dog sledding outfitters in the region. Many of our guests choose North Ridge Inn in Huntsville or Sugar Dog Adventures near Sundridge.

Why stay at Fern Glen Inn for your dog sledding adventure? Here’s what we provide with the Dog Sledders Getaway Package:

  • Comfortable accommodations in a winter wonderland setting
  • Hearty breakfasts to fuel your days in the great outdoors (early breakfast available for those doing morning dog sledding tours)
  • Snowshoes to use on our private 120-acre property so you can keep the adventure going
  • Cozy rustic guest lounge for unwinding by the fire after sundown
  • Map and directions to drive yourself from the inn to the ranch for your dog sledding excursion
  • Free cancellation for 48 hours after making reservation in order to confirm your dog sledding (when booked at least 10 days in advance)

Click HERE to check available rooms and rates at the inn. When you’re ready to reserve your room, fill out the online booking form for your chosen dates. Add the Dog Sledding Getaway Package from the list on the next screen.

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