Sunday, June 14

June Walk in the Woods

The weatherman couldn't have been more wrong about this weekend. Instead of the rain and grey skies in the forecast, we had gorgeous sunshine and a bright blue dome overhead. Perfect for Saba and I to enjoy a walk in the woods.

Our trails start out winding through mossy, evergreen softwoods.

After crossing the creek, the flora changes to mixed forest with a variety of hardwoods (such as maple, beech and ironwood) in addition to the soft pines, fir and balsam.

For many people, the brilliant white bark of the silver birches is unmistakable—and photogenic!

There are also clearings and small meadows. Rocky outcrops can be
hard to find at this time of year under the lush new growth.

Low-growing wildflowers, such as the four-leaved, four-petaled Four O'clock Flower, manage to get a foothold among the trees and ferns towering above them.

With 10 km of trails on-site, there's plenty of room to explore. We're not the only ones exploring it either! I followed a set of moose tracks along one of our trails until it disappeared in the brush. It's nice to know someone else (some moose else?) is enjoying this lovely patch of woods!

Each moment
of the year has its own beauty . . . a picture which was never before and shall never be seen again.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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