Saturday, July 20

Treetop Trekking: What to Expect and Discount

Intermediate course at Treetop Trekking Huntsville
As you saw in my previous post, Jim and I, along with our friends Jeff and Monica, recently spent an exhilarating few hours Treetop Trekking in Huntsville. We all agreed it was an experience worth sharing, so if you want more thrilling-but-safe adventure in your life, this is for you.

Here's what to expect:

We made a reservation for a date and time. We wore comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes; plus we packed water bottles, granola bars, sunscreen, bug spray and cameras in a bag. Upon arrival, we took care of waivers and payment then kitted up into harnesses and helmets (supplied and included in the rate). Our guide checked the fit then led us to the course. It's a short walk, less than 10 minutes, from the office to the action.

Orientation course. Nice and low to the ground!
We started with an orientation lesson where we learned the safety rules and use of the carabiners and pulleys. We had to walk across a low-hung cable and demonstrate a "trust fall", aka put all our weight on our harness and straighten back up, and do a short, low-hung zip line.

Beginner course.
After that we were allowed on the beginner games (aka courses) and then could advance to the intermediate and finally the most challenging ones. There are guides stationed throughout the course, both on the ground and on some of the platforms. They directed us to the appropriate courses (easy first), made sure we were using proper safety procedures, and also helped talk us through some of the more challenging traverses.

I have to say the guides and staff were wonderful! The customer service was excellent. The guides were engaged and taking the initiative to make sure we were enjoying our time. The lead guide even identified some of the flora and fauna for us while we were waiting our turn to climb a ladder.

Guided through the big zip line course.

And for the Firefly zip line course, a series of seven progressively longer zip lines, one of the guides, Mike, led me through the whole thing, giving me the confidence I needed to actually go through with it (I have a tendency to freeze when scared. See what I mean here).

We had a total of three hours, including the half-hour or so spent on orientation, to work our way through the course, doing as much or as little as we felt comfortable doing. If you're fast, you can do some games twice!

There's a central "base camp" amid the course with some benches and rocks where we could leave our bags while we played. Things to bring: water, light snacks, sunscreen and bug spray. And cameras! You'll want to get pictures!

Jeff and Jim on the Tarzan Swing
The finale for us was the Tarzan Swing. Even after traipsing through the treetops, I had considerable trouble letting go of the anchor cable when it was time for me to slide off that platform. I was so glad when I finally did. It was worth the admission for that alone!

Speaking of admission...

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See more videos from our Treetop Trekking Adventure here.

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Friday, July 19

Treetop Trekking Adventure

If you want adventure and thrills on your next getaway, have we got something to add to your must-do list!

Treetop Trekking is an adventure park in Huntsville featuring zip lines, a tarzan swing, and challenging bridges strung from treetop to treetop. They say the best way to describe it is "a jungle gym on steroids" and it is so true!  Jim and I, along with our friends Jeff and Monica, decided to try it out for ourselves and were so glad we did. It was the most fun I've had in ages.

It was a little more physically challenging than Monica and I expected -- this is no boardwalk stroll through the leaves -- but that's what made it so much fun. Jeff usually doesn't care for heights but he said he didn't even think about it because he was concentrating on the course. Jim of course forged ahead without hesitation.

As thrilling as it feels, it's all very safe. We were in harnesses and helmets and always had at least one carabiner clipped to a cable at all times. Plus there were guides throughout the course making sure we followed safety procedures and sometimes talking us through (or even walking us through) some of the challenging games.

Find out more about what to expect on your Treetop Trekking adventure -- and how to get a 15% discount off the regular rate -- on my next blog post Treetop Trekking: What to Expect and Discount.

Or contact us at Fern Glen Inn for more information.

In case you missed it, find out what pure panic sounds like here.

Sunday, July 14

Jackie on the Tarzan Swing: Pure Panic

Jim and Jackie, along with some friends, tried Treetop Trekking's Huntsville course. When it came to Jackie's turn on the Tarzan Swing, she wasn't sure it was such a good idea after all and needed considerable encouragement from her friends below. When she finally let go, she really let go...

Want to try this yourself? Guests of Fern Glen Inn get a 15% discount off the regular rate at Treetop Trekking Huntsville. Contact Fern Glen Inn for details.

Thursday, July 4

Explore the Edge

If you like to eat, shop or play -- and you want a getaway in our neck of the woods -- then you're going to want to keep reading.

There's a new summer promotion from Explorers' Edge regional tourism organization, the same fine folks who brought us the popular Fuel & Fun program.

Join Explorers’ Edge on Facebook and sign up to receive $100 in cash vouchers to spend at participating attractions, restaurants, shops and outfitters this summer. You get $50 just for coming to the region and another $50 just for staying overnight at participating accommodations such as Fern Glen Inn.

The vouchers come in $10 denominations and you can use them all together at one location or use a few for dinner, a couple for a canoe rental, and a few more for gift items, retail purchases or even theatre tickets. It's like free money to spend in the local economy! What could be better than that?

The vouchers are valid all summer until August 30 but quantities are limited so sign up for yours now.

If you're wondering what your vouchers can buy you, here are some of our suggestions based on what our guests like to see and do around the area:

Adventure Experiences

Spend a day paddling on local lakes, or for the really adventurous, get into the Algonquin Park backcountry. Rent a canoe, ties, and any other gear you might need from Algonquin Basecamp.

Paddle to Ragged Falls, take a guided tour up Hailstorm Creek or just take a tour up the Muskoka River from downtown Huntsville. Rent canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boards from Algonquin Outfitters.

Go horseback trail riding or take a riding lesson at Winding Fences Farm.

Swing, clamour and balance your way above the forest floor at Treetop Trekking's Huntsville park.

Get a bird's eye view over Georgian Bay and the 30,000 Islands with a sight-seeing flight in a small plane with Georgian Bay Airways.

Cruise through the 30,000 Islands out of Parry Sound with a half-day cruise aboard the Island Queen.

Arts and Entertainment

Check out the excellent and eclectic mix of musicians, performances, screenings and events happening in and around Huntsville. Use your vouchers to buy tickets through the box office at Algonquin Theatre and as part of the Huntsville Festival of the Arts.

View the beautiful pottery and experience the lovely and oh-so-quiet off-grid location of Petra's Pottery.

Browse through a variety of artwork and handcrafts at Artisans of Muskoka.

Wander through a gallery celebrating women and their art at Windows to the North Gallery.

Shopping Spree

Shop for hand-crafted gift items and distinctive furniture pieces at the Wooden Roo.

Find gifts for the spirit, walk the labyrinth garden, sit in the teepee or the fairy garden at Circling Hawks Centre.

Not just for gear rentals, both Algonquin Basecamp and Algonquin Outfitters have a great selection of retail items and clothing perfect for the outdoor enthusiast.

Load up on fine quality chocolates and truffles, imported and old fashioned candy, gelato, ice cream and everything for the sweet of tooth at the Nutty Chocolatier.

Dining and Drinking

Treat yourself to lunch or dinner at the ever-popular 3 Guys and a Stove.

Grab a table on the back patio or in the cool interior for lunch or dinner at the Mill on Main.

Pick up a bottle (or two) of craft-brewed beer (Summer Weiss is perfect for a hot sunny afternoon) or shop for some brewery duds at Muskoka Brewery.

Tour the brewery, sample the fare and chill on the patio at Lake of Bays Brewery.

Sample award-winning wines, enjoy a local cheese plate, walk the trails around the marsh, and load up on all things cranberry at Johnston's Cranberry Marsh and Muskoka Lakes Winery.

: :   : :   : :

There are more participating shops, restaurants, outfitters and attractions. See the full list when you register for your Explore the Edge vouchers.

Vouchers are limited to the first 1,500 takers and are valid until August 30, 2013. Must be booked 3 days in advance.

Register for your $50 in vouchers at  Book your getaway at Fern Glen Inn or other participating accommodations for your confirmation number to make it $100.

Call 1-866-311-8519 or email us for details.