Thursday, February 17

Snowshoeing the Great White North

One of my favourite things about winter is snowshoeing through our woods. It's a great way to get outdoors, get moving, and enjoy good company.

Our dear friend, Ed, was up to visit for a few days this week. He and Jim went cross-country skiing at Arrowhead Park one day, and the next the three of us (four if you count Saba) went snowshoeing through our private trails. 

We were breaking fresh ground so the snow was deep -- we were sinking up to our knees in some places even with the snowshoes on! This made for a good workout and had us taking turns in taking the lead. The poor guys were already achy from their day on the ski trails but they managed to keep up with me. :)

The good news for snowshoeing newbies is that it's easy. If you can walk, you can snowshoe. We provide snowshoes for guests to use on our trails -- complimentary with every winter stay. We show you how the bindings work and can give you a mini lesson if you like. Depending on our schedule, we can even take you on a guided tour through the woods.

Our trails are marked and they become well-trod as the season wears on, so we highly recommend going off-trail and exploring the thick of the woods. The great thing about snow is that if you get lost, you can always just follow your tracks back to where you started.

Snowshoeing season usually lasts until late March, so there's still plenty of time for a winter getaway in the Great White North. Hope to see you on the trails!


Tracey said...

We totally loved snowshoeing at Fern Glen! Your trails are so scenic and enjoyable to "shoe".

In fact, we bought snowshoes of our own this winter because we loved it so much. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jackie said...

Hi Tracey, good for you and Keith for getting your own snowshoes. If we're going to have winter, we may as well get out and enjoy it!

Romilda Gareth said...