Wednesday, July 2

Summer has (finally) Arrived!

If you believe the calendar, it's been summer for over a week now. But I've learned—especially since moving to the north—that the calendar sometimes stretches the truth.

The rain, cool temps and resurgence of mosquitoes last week felt decidedly spring-like. This week, though, we're 'singing better late than never' because now
Summer has arrived in all its glory!

Jim and I have been reveling in beautiful sunny days, enjoying a light warm breeze and a remarkable scarcity of insects. I don't even don my mesh jacket for walks and bike rides along the Seguin Trail. I'm convinced there is no better way to spend an afternoon than stretched out on a lounger on the Coop deck, beverage in one hand and novel in the other. We had some more energetic guests this weekend break out the croquet set for a couple of matches, and then follow it up with their own little bocce tournament around the back lawn.

Our returning guests from last year have been happy with the addition of the new deck. Jim and our good friend, Ed, built it this spring (my job was to feed the work crew. tall order!). We added a patio table for al fresco snacking or games, and the loungers fit in perfectly for afternoon nappers or late-night star-gazers. We also added a new gazebo after the wind ate our last one. It's nice to have a screened place to sit at dusk.
If you're coming up to enjoy a relaxing getaway here at the inn, don't forget your bathing suit for a dip in the hot tub. A daytime soak provides a front-row seat to all the action at the hummingbird feeder. At night, you can still see some fireflies (but not for long!) or tilt your head back to view the stars.

Summer is here. Make the most of it!

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