Thursday, September 25

Shifting Earth

Jim and I stopped in to visit artist Sally Ferguson at her studio just up the road from us. I've mentioned Shifting Earth Gallery/Studio as part of the North of Muskoka Studio Tour and it's worth mentioning again, especially at this time of year when her outdoor space is as lovely as her indoor space.

The studio gallery is housed in a beautifully restored barn. The ground floor of the barn is Sally's studio space, where we were able to witness works-in-progress. Upstairs the gallery is all gleaming wood and visually striking paintings. Sally and her husband are in the process of adding to the gallery space by building an addition on their house.

One thing visitors realize before they even make it inside the gallery is that Sally's creative spirit cannot be contained indoors. Outside the barn is a lovely garden space showcasing various forms of artwork among the flowers, fountains and plants. Sally also welcomes visitors to walk the nature trail on her property.

Be sure to include a visit to Shifting Earth Gallery/Studio on your next getaway to Fern Glen Inn.

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