Tuesday, February 24

The Many Moods of Winter

Here we are, over three months into winter with very likely another four to five weeks of it still to go, and I am continually amazed at the variety of weather one season can bring. The word 'winter' is clearly an umbrella term that covers all sorts of conditions to suit all sorts of activities and moods.

Take for instance the deep, fluffy powder we get during a cold, snowy spell. Even with snowshoes on we sink knee-deep in it. Or a warmer, snowy spell that leaves every trunk, branch and bough frosted in marshmallowy mounds.

Sometimes the snow floats gently from the sky in big, lazy flakes. Other times it's heavy enough to take down fully grown trees. That's about the same time that we haul out the ladder and Jim climbs up to the roof and shovels some snow off the Coach House.

We even have the occasional,
deceptively-spring-like day of rain, which compresses the snow but doesn't melt it all away. We always look forward to the inevitable re-freeze after a rain shower. The compacted snow hardens into a smooth shell over the land. While this makes snowshoeing somewhat less challenging, it's absolutely perfect for flying down our toboggan hill.

There's something to enjoy with every mood of winter.

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