Tuesday, February 2

Neighbours drop by

If you enjoyed meeting our neighbours when I wrote about our critter-sitting experience last fall, you'll be happy to know they are well-equipped for winter.

We've had some very cold days and I wondered how the animals manage when the mercury falls below -20°C. I had the opportunity to find out when Mocha and Buddy, along with their people Zoe and Tegan, stopped by while out for a walk on a recent sunny winter afternoon.

Apparently they do just fine in the cold weather! Zoe tells us that Mocha regularly busts out of her barn to savour the fresh winter air. Both Mocha and Buddy have grown warm, thick winter coats. Buddy is so shaggy he looks almost like a shetland pony. Mocha, too, is sporting extra fuzz. It's a very different style from her sleek summer do.

We should all be so lucky to have such toasty winter coats. Then again, Tegan looks pretty well bundled up, too!

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