Tuesday, November 16

Popular Picks

We have a rather eclectic selection of books available in the guest lounge and it's interesting to see which ones are popular with our guests. For instance, we often find the Book of Dog Breeds left out on the table or couch. Who knew it would be such a riveting read? 

I think because many visits are too short to start and finish a book from cover to cover (especially when readers are spending part of their time out exploring), the most popular books are those which don't require a big commitment of time. Collections of short stories, essays, anthologies, comic strips, poems, lists and how-to's.

Guests with a literary bent enjoy browsing through short stories from critically acclaimed authors such as Alice Munro, Robertson Davies, and Anais Nin. These we find on night stands and beside muskoka chairs. We also have some sci-fi/fantasy anthologies for short fiction to really take you away from daily life.

Some folks opt for lighter fare. The Calvin and Hobbes and Far Side volumes are popular and always good for a laugh. Non-fiction collections of lists and Canadiana must be great to read out loud and share as they're often found on the coffee table in the Coop. Books of lists and trivia are great to spark some interesting conversations with your travel mates. 

Bite-size reads can be the perfect way to unwind on a short getaway, but don't worry if what you're really craving is a good, meaty story. We tell our guests if they start one of our paperback novels while they're here, they're welcome to take it home to finish. Hopefully they'll pass it along to another reader when they're finished. Good books, like so may pleasures in life, are best when they're shared.

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