Monday, May 9

Soundtrack of Spring

Fern Glen Inn •
Two very good listeners enjoying the sounds of spring.
Every season offers its own unique symphony comprised of the natural instruments and voices of the world around us. From trees creaking in the depth of a cold winter, to dry leaves rustling in an autumn wind, to the crack of thunder during a spectacular summer storm. 

Rain falling, birds singing, snow crunching underfoot. It's all a delight to the auditory senses but if I had to choose, my favourite would have to be the soundtrack of spring.

In the spring, migratory birds add their chirps, songs and honks to the soundscape. Hummingbirds return with their doppler-effect buzzy fly-bys. Chatter from chipmunks and squirrels increase, and the conversational clucking of our hens can be heard across the lawn as they enjoy their outdoor pen after being cooped up for the winter.

There are two other sounds that really sing spring to me: the drumming of the grouse and the singing of the frogs.

The Spruce Grouse is a local bird living year-round in the forests of the region. In the spring mating season the males put on a show, including an exaggerated flapping of the wings which starts off like a slow drum beat increasing to a drum roll. It's a faint sound off in the woods, but to me it sounds primal and intriguing.

The frog song is an unmistakeable beacon of the spring. We love to take a little stroll over to the beaver pond in the evening as dusk settles. That's when the frogs really get singing. As we near the pond, the sound is so loud it completely fills my head. The singers behind these songs are called Spring Peepers, little brown frogs not much bigger than a thumbnail, and it astounds me the volume they can achieve. Back on our deck, we can still hear them but only as background music to our stargazing.

I wish I could include a sound clip, but it wouldn't do justice to the season. This is one soundtrack that must be heard in person to be felt in the heart. In fact, I'm going to head outside to listen to it now...

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