Wednesday, June 8

My Enemy's Enemy

Fern Glen Inn •
Photo courtesy of our dear friend and guest, Pedro Goldman.
Here we are in early June, and that means lovely mild temperatures, a mix of sun and rain, fresh green flora... and bugs. Yes, mosquitoes and blackflies have been living la vita dolce for the past few weeks. But their good times will soon be coming to an end (insert evil laugh here) because the dragonflies have arrived in full force!

Dragonflies can be a bit intimidating if you're not accustomed to them. They look as mystical and medieval as their name implies, the metallic sheen of their wings and bodies glinting in the sun like miniature chain mail and coats of armour. Plus, as far as local insects go, they're big, fast, and unafraid.

They hover and dart around me, doing flybys and dive-bombs, and at first I didn't know why. Then I realized it's because I am like a giant buffet table. It's not me the dragonflies are after -- it's the blackflies and mosquitos that are always around me.

Dragonflies are skilled, agile predators and they just pick off fly after fly, mosquito after mosquito. Whole squadrons patrol the sunny fields and open trails. Instead of being afraid of them, I hail their return every June and cheer them on. They are, after all, on our side!


karinzeller said...

I love dragonflies. I think they are beautiful, elegant creatures. After reading this, I like them even better. We have our own version here too, and sometimes you see swarms of them. Now I know they are probably attacking the mosquitoes who have been especially bad last summer due to lots of rain. I enjoy your writing, Jackie! Hugs xox Karin

Jackie said...

They are beautiful, aren't they? I just wish they weren't so quick -- it's rare to get a good photo of them! Thanks so much for the feedback, Karin!