Thursday, May 31

Moose Sightings

Spring is a great time to see moose as you're driving the roads and highways of the region. In early spring, the animals are drawn to the tasty road salt that has washed into the ditches.

Later, in May and June, when the bugs are thick in the deep of the woods, moose come out to the road sides where the open air and breezes give them a break from the black flies and mosquitos.

We've seen a lot of moose this year and our guests have reported seeing them, too -- sometimes multiple sightings in one visit! The big beasts have been spotted on Fern Glen Road, Hwy 11, and (of course) Hwy 60 in Algonquin Park.

We always tell our guests: If you're driving along Hwy 60 in Algonquin Park and you see cars pulled over on the shoulder, stop (carefully) and pull off road. Chances are someone has spotted a moose! It's generally safe to get out of the car and take pictures as long as you keep your distance from the moose. While they are typically not aggressive, they are still wild animals -- make that BIG wild animals -- and must be respected.

On busier, faster highways such as Hwy 11, it's best to just drive on by and not create a road hazard by stopping. I've been lucky in that I saw two moose beside Hwy 11 just as I was getting to my exit. Since there were no cars behind me, the off-ramp was a safe place to slow down and pull over for a better view.

I can't talk about seeing moose from the road without a warning about moose on the road. If you see a moose on the road ahead, put your four-way blinkers on and slow down. Stop if necessary. Give the animal space and time to get safely off the road. Drive slowly on winding country roads and use your high beams (don't forget to switch back to low beams when approaching on-coming traffic or coming up behind another vehicle). 

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