Friday, November 2

Oh, Deer!

We know deer frequently inhabit our little meadow at night. We see the tall grasses flattened down where they sleep, as well as other signs they've been. We often catch brief glimpses of them in our headlights when we pull into the parking lot after an evening out.

This week, though, two deer have been active in our back lawn in the middle of the day. We've been able to watch them from windows in the kitchen and the Loft room. They stay awhile and graze on grass and other vegetation. They've completely chewed down our comphry plants, which is fine with me -- I'm just glad someone is making use of them!

Yesterday when Jim saw the deer were back, he grabbed his camera, quietly slipped outside and then slowly, slowly, made his way close enough to get some nice pictures. We know we're sharing our forest with many wild animals but it's such a rare treat to get a good long look at them doing what they do.

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