Monday, February 18

Starring Fern Glen Inn!

See anyone you know in this video from Explorers' Edge? Fern Glen Inn was one of the properties featured in a series of winter videos for the region and Jim and I were some of the models, or as I like to think of us -- superstars.

That's us snowshoeing through knee-deep snow on our own trails and meadows. We had a blast with the videographer (Virginia Hastings of Starshine Video) and photographer (Scott Turnbull) but boy, were we glad we weren't the ones lugging their equipment through the deep snow!

There's a whole series of videos for the region and they do a great job showcasing just how amazing a winter getaway can be in Explorers' Edge. Their tag line is "Winter just turns up the fun" but we think it also turns up the romance, the adventure, the relaxation, the tranquility, the beauty... You'll just have to come see for yourself. But, please, no autographs. :)

For more videos from Explorers' Edge, check out their YouTube channel or Vimeo channel.

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