Friday, July 19

Treetop Trekking Adventure

If you want adventure and thrills on your next getaway, have we got something to add to your must-do list!

Treetop Trekking is an adventure park in Huntsville featuring zip lines, a tarzan swing, and challenging bridges strung from treetop to treetop. They say the best way to describe it is "a jungle gym on steroids" and it is so true!  Jim and I, along with our friends Jeff and Monica, decided to try it out for ourselves and were so glad we did. It was the most fun I've had in ages.

It was a little more physically challenging than Monica and I expected -- this is no boardwalk stroll through the leaves -- but that's what made it so much fun. Jeff usually doesn't care for heights but he said he didn't even think about it because he was concentrating on the course. Jim of course forged ahead without hesitation.

As thrilling as it feels, it's all very safe. We were in harnesses and helmets and always had at least one carabiner clipped to a cable at all times. Plus there were guides throughout the course making sure we followed safety procedures and sometimes talking us through (or even walking us through) some of the challenging games.

Find out more about what to expect on your Treetop Trekking adventure -- and how to get a 15% discount off the regular rate -- on my next blog post Treetop Trekking: What to Expect and Discount.

Or contact us at Fern Glen Inn for more information.

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