Sunday, February 23

It's a Dog's Life!

Guests often comment that our dog, Saba, is lucky to live out here in the country on a large, forested property. We couldn't agree more! We got her as a wee puppy, just seven weeks old, when we were still living in Toronto. She started life as a city dog but, like us, couldn't go back to urban life now. 

Saba just turned 12 years old, so she's not a pup anymore, but she's spry and healthy and still bounces with enthusiasm at the prospect of a walk. I'm sure that's due in large part to an active life with plenty of fresh air. Hopefully Jim and I will see the same benefits!

We marked her birthday like we always do -- with a walk in the woods (with snowshoes for we bipedal animals) followed up by some especially tasty treats. It certainly is a dog's life!

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