Friday, March 21

Happy.... Spring?

Spring has sprung, the grass is.... still under a thick blanket of snow!

The calendar may say a new season is here, but until mother nature gets the memo, we'll make the most of the weather we do have. And for now, that's decidedly winter!

The nice thing about spring snow is it can be wonderful for snowshoeing. The warm/cold cycle from day to night gives the snow base structure and strength to support snowshoes (instead of sinking up to our knees in fluffy powder). Plus the longer days and stronger sun make for some lovely mild temperatures.

Jim and I took advantage of a perfect winter-in-spring afternoon and went for a great off-trail snowshoe hike in the woods. The quality of the photos is not great since I just brought the ipod, but they still capture the depth and firmness of the snow.

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