Wednesday, April 30

Two Faces of April

Snow in early April

Grass is greening in late April

April is typically a transition month, straddling the progression from winter to spring. While that transition occasionally happens in March, in the ten springs we've witnessed since moving here, it's almost always occurred in April. It makes for an interesting month!

A heron flying over the pond, mid-April

Rhubarb starts!
It means that we often usher in April on snowshoes and wave it out in sandals — with a lot of rubber-booting in between. If it's been a particularly wintery winter, it could even mean the dog sled ranch continues running tours and the ski trails and hill are still open and busy. As the month progresses, snow flurries turn to rain showers, the ice melts and the trails souffle, and the warm sunny breezes are put to work drying everything out.

It's not our prettiest time of year, as the winter majesty fades before the summer lushness blossoms, but it's fresh and hopeful and full of promise. It's April!

April sunset

Laundry line resurrected!

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