Friday, May 30

Curious Hummingbird

Sometimes -- rare times -- I happen to be in the right place at the right time with a camera in my hand. Earlier this week was one of those times. I was out on the porch taking pictures of Jim on the roof when a hummingbird decided to check out the bright red lantern hanging just a few feet from my head.

Hummingbirds are said to be attracted to the colour red as they seek nectar from bright flowers. I don't know if this hummingbird thought our lantern was some new-fangled flower but it was determined to find out. It circled around the lantern, stopping to take a good look from different angles, before flying back to the feeder.

These little birds are incredibly fast and not easy to photograph even when I set out to shoot them, so the photos I snapped on the fly (so to speak) aren't particularly clear and sharp, but not bad for serendipity and an iPad camera.

This is a great time of year to photograph hummingbirds. They're active and hungry, spending a lot of time at the feeder while waiting for the summer flowers to bloom. So on your next visit to Fern Glen Inn, bring your camera, a tripod, and some patience!

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