Wednesday, October 29

Cool-weather Friends

The chickadees aren't always eating out of our hands... 
Not when we're taking a break on a lovely autumn afternoon.

If you've never heard the expression "fair-weather friends" it refers to those who only want to spend time with you when all is (figuratively) sunny and bright in your world. Well that certainly does not include the chickadees and nuthatches who share our forest. Quite the opposite, in fact.

These little feathered friends ignore us throughout the bountiful days of summer and only honey up to us when autumn sets in and chillier days are upon us. They don't even have to know you. They'll be your new BFFs, quite happy to hang out with you -- as long as you've got a palmfull of birdseed -- until well into spring when the sunshine and warm temps bring back all sorts of natural food sources for them. 

We don't mind this fickleness. Cool-weather friends or not, it's always a treat to share a feast with these little birds with big personalities.

A chickadee making sure it finds the *best* seed. Yes, they're choosy!

Aerodynamic nuthatch grabbing a snack.

The nuthatch keeps coming back for more. Must be stockpiling!

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