Wednesday, January 14

Sunset Snowshoeing

Snowshoe tracks winding through untouched snow.
There's nothing like snowshoeing through a quiet forest to clear the mind and shake off the weight of a busy day. It's a wonderful experience at any hour, but even more so late in the afternoon on a clear day, when the sun casts a golden light against the trees before sinking behind a rosy horizon.

Warm sun, cool sky, fresh air.
Remnants of a strange track (I'm thinking porcupine) lead off into the trees.
The pinkening sky over the next ridge.
Happy snowshoer catches some rays.
 Photos were taken on the private snowshoe trails here at Fern Glen Inn. We provide complementary snowshoes for guests to use to explore our 10 km of trails on our 120 acre forest property.

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Linda said...

Beautiful photos.