Wednesday, June 22

What's New Under the Sun?

Finished projects -- crossed off the list!

Ever a work-in-progress, we're continually adding projects to our "how can we make it better?" list and, as time and resources allow, crossing them off with a flourish and sense of accomplishment.

Our main project this spring was a new gazebo to replace the old one which was starting to look weathered. At 14'x14', the new gazebo is larger, plus it's a sturdier design and has a hard-top semi-transparent roof. Rather than set it up on plain lawn, we decided to install a pea stone pad for stability, drainage, and to keep the grass from coming up. I have to say, if you're going to dig up a bunch of sod and move a few tons of pea stone gravel, it's reaaalllly nice to have a good neighbour with a tractor and bucket!

Our neighbour, Bob, lent a hand (and a bucket!) with the pea stone pad.
Then it was time to put together the giant jigsaw puzzle that was the gazebo kit.
With the base laid, it was time to assemble the gazebo. The instructions on the kit said it should take about three hours for the task. Ha! Nine hours later we were surveying our handiwork, patting ourselves on our backs for mission accomplished, and contemplating applying for "Amazing Race Canada"(hey, if we could do this, we could tackle any challenge).

We still had a pile of pea stone and a self-congratulatory swagger so we decided to keep going and update our fire pit. This meant shifting the location by a few feet to be further from the trees, levelling out and moving some sod, and installing a 15' diameter gravel pad for the fire bowl and seating, adding a few more Muskoka chairs while were at it.

Not ones to be wasteful, we kept the old gazebo and "walked" it to a little clearing by the trailhead and added a couple of comfy loungers. Now you can zip yourself in and stretch out for a nap feeling like you're in the middle of the woods.

We're so pleased with the results and based on the feedback we've had from guests so far, the upgrades definitely tick the "make it better" box!

Jim test-driving the new fire pit setup.

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