Thursday, April 20

Foxy Neighbour

We've been seeing signs of one local resident for months. All winter we routinely saw fresh tracks in the snow and and the occasional glimpse of orange fur through the trees and we figured out there must be a den in the woods just beyond our back meadow. Our sly neighbour has become quite bold and one March evening as guest sat around the fire pit, the foxy fella sat on a knoll and watched them with open curiosity.

So perhaps it wasn't surprising last week when Jim was out in the back yard and Mr. Fox decided to pay a visit. I like to think he was introducing himself (or herself? We really don't know if our Mr is a Ms!).

Mr. Fox catches a glimpse of Jim...

...decides to take a closer look...

...and closer still.

Cool as a cucumber, he walks right past. Fantastic!

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