Tuesday, July 20

Brook's Falls, Emsdale

Brook's Falls is a little gem amid an already scenic landscape, but easily missed if you don't know to look for it. Not to be confused with the town of Burk's Falls, which is a village north of here, Brook's Falls is a little municipal park in the woods along the Magnetawan River, just a short drive from the inn.

While it is lovely in every season, we particularly enjoy it in the summer as an idyllic place to swim. Well, I guess "swimming" is not the word for it. It's not like a big, flat lake where you can launch into a sidestroke or dive deep below the surface. Instead, you wade into the current of the river—swifter closer to the falls, slower the further downstream you go.

We like to go in downstream and work our way up the rapids and cascades. We'll stop to sit on submerged boulders or float in a little pool of calm water off to the side. The best, though, is to get a good foot-hold under a cascade and let the force of the water provide a full-back massage. It's like a cool jacuzzi!

This stretch of the river ranges in depth from knee-deep to waist-deep to neck-deep. It may look a little wild, but it's actually very popular with local families, including kids of all ages. Of course, caution must still be exercised in and around any moving water and it's a good idea to practice the buddy system and stay close to your friends.

For those who don't want to go right in the water, there are some benches and boulders for sitting and listening to the water. There's also a short walking trail leading both upstream and down.

If you discover you love being in or near a moving river, we can also send you to another stretch of swimmable rapids on the Magnetawan River.

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