Monday, May 4

25 things to love about May

The natural world around us changes so quickly at this time of year, each day looks a little different than the last... something is greener, taller, louder, leafier. May is an amazing month at the inn and in the Almaguin Highlands and Muskoka beyond. Here are just 25 things to love about it.
  1. Birds singing at dawn.
  2. Frogs singing at dusk.
  3. Soft green grass and luscious carpets of moss.
  4. Afternoons warm enough for shorts and t-shirts.
  5. Evenings cool enough to enjoy a fire.
  6. Nights chilly enough to cuddle under a fluffy duvet.
  7. Woodland wildflowers.
  8. Fresh chives.
  9. Asparagus! Picked fresh from the garden day after day.
  10. Fresh-cut ruby rhubarb baked in a cake.
  11. Rubber boots in squishy puddles.
  12. Line-drying laundry, sheets that smell like sunshine.
  13. Open windows letting in fresh breezes.
  14. The drum beat of spruce grouse in the woods.
  15. The good chances for seeing moose from the road through Algonquin Park.
  16. High-running rivers and riotous waterfalls.
  17. Uncrowded roads and trails for exploring.
  18. Uncrowded shops for leisurely browsing.
  19. Great finds and bargains — it's yard sale season!
  20. Seeing the shape of the land before the foliage obscures it.
  21. Buds and blossoms.
  22. The lemon-lime greening of the hills as the tamaracks reawaken.
  23. Legions of candy-striped 'spring beauty' wildflowers poking up from the forest floor.
  24. Country drives just to see where the road leads.
  25. Lengthening days to soak it all in.

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