Friday, April 24

Spring Walk on the Seguin Trail

After three days of on-and-off drizzle, we were delighted to see some sun poking out from behind the clouds. I can't really complain about the rain—it did a lot to melt the snow and green the grass.

As I often do on such spring days, I donned my rubber boots and went for walk along the Seguin Trail. Saba and I stopped at the neighbour's first to see if Casey (the basset hound) wanted to tag along. He always does.

First we walked over to the little beaver pond just a few minutes down the trail. A day earlier, I had watched a beaver swimming back in forth in front of his lodge. Of course today (when I actually remember to bring the camera) he decides to play shy. You can see his lodge in the photo but unfortunately those are just stumps in the water around it, not beaver noses.

There were, however, two pairs of Canadian geese on the pond. We can hear them honking in the morning but they never stay long. They'll be heading further north after their little break here.

After visiting the pond, we took our time strolling up the Seguin Trail to the little lake. As an old rail bed, the trail is level and wide. While there are a few sections still partially covered with hard-packed snow or melt-puddles, much of it is dry, firm gravel or sand. At this time of year, i
t's a lot easier walking on the Seguin than along the more deeply shaded trails of the forest.
While the treescape is still looking rather stark, the buds have started to form on trees and bushes and the mosses are as brilliantly green as ever. And there are no bugs yet!

It's a good time for casual or avid hikers and walkers to make use of the Seguin Trail with a day hike from Fern Glen Inn to the town of Sprucedale. It's a 13km route through woods, past small lakes and marshes, with very few signs of civilization. Depending on your pace and number of photo breaks, it takes about 3-4 hours to get to Sprucedale.

We offer free pickup service back to the inn for guests staying two nights or more, as well as an optional hiking supply pack for those who haven't planned ahead. Find out more about our Seguin Trail Day Hike package or just give us a call for more info. See you on the trail!
April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go.- Christopher Morley, John Mistleto

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