Saturday, April 10

I Heart April

It's happening again. Every year I cling to Winter, willing it's pretty white cloak to stay a little longer, to dress the trees in a fresh layer of powder. But then, every year, April arrives and Spring sneaks in while my attention is turned. And, fickle me, I love it!

I stop mourning the snow and immediately revel in the brilliant green which—almost overnight—is burgeoning everywhere. The moss is the first to wow us, boldly verdant from the moment the snow recedes. Then the grass and ferns start to revive and buds start to form on the tips of trees and shrubs.

Spring is early this year, with my rhubarb already poking up, red and green buds forming on the trees, and delicate little spring beauty flowers adorning the floor of the hardwood forest.

We love love love walking in the woods now. Before the dense undergrowth fills in, and before the (hopefully brief) black fly season starts, we wander through the property and delight in the myriad textures, colours, sounds of the new season.

Spring is not just in the air — it's everywhere. And April is the very heart of it!

In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.~Mark Twain

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