Thursday, April 15

Calling All Hikers! Spring Getaway Packages

Fern Glen Inn •
Right now we are smack in the middle of great hiking conditions! 

The daytime temperatures are warm but mild; the sun shines most days; daylight hours are lengthening; an unusually dry spring means the trails are quite firm; the water is open and sparkling on lakes, ponds and rivers; birds, buds, frogs and foliage are all returning.

Another perk for hikers: it's our quiet season. Not only does this mean lower rates, it also means fewer people to share the trails with.

Our friends were hiking in Algonquin Park last weekend and told us there were hardly any cars at the trailhead parking lots. For those of us who like to think we have this big beautiful world to ourselves now and then, it's a nice feeling to truly escape the crowds.

Here at Fern Glen Inn , we offer packages for folks who love to get out and hit the trails. 

Day Hike to Sprucedale 
Enjoy a 13 km walk along the wide, level Seguin Trail from Fern Glen Inn to the town of Sprucedale. We offer free drop-off or pickup (with any two-night stay) so you only have to hike it one-way.

Almaguin Woods and Water
With this two-night package, you'll receive two nights accommodation and our famously delicious breakfasts, a packed lunch, a booklet on Trees of Algonquin Park, plus our recommendations for trails and picnic spots.

BYOBoots Tour 
New this spring! Bring your muck-about boots (hikers, galoshes or any footwear you don't mind getting dirty) and we'll take you on a guided tour through our woods. We'll show you some of our favourite spots and explain some of our favourite sounds. If we're lucky, we'll even be able to point out moose tracks or other signs of wildlife. Complementary with any two-night stay (but only until the blackflies are out!).

Find out more about our spring hiking getaways. Call or email if you have any questions. We hope to see you this spring and share our trails with you!

Thank you to Pedro, Ursula & Ruby (first our guests, then our friends, and now -- neighbours!) for use of the photos in this post. 

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