Monday, February 13

Pie Iron Sandwicherie in Huntsville

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My choice was the duck confit with brie and cranberry preserves on multigrain bread. Ripple-cut chips and coleslaw on the side.
I'd been meaning to try Pie Iron Sandwicherie since it opened in downtown Huntsville last summer and my interest was piqued anew after guests absolutely raved about it during their visit over the Christmas holidays. So when our friend, Ed, came up for a few days to attend the Banff Mountain Film Festival with us, it was the perfect opportunity to try something new for our pre-show dinner.
I am happy to report it did not disappoint. In fact, we enjoyed it so much I have to share it with you!

That is a sandwich that would make Dagwood proud!
 As a "sandwicherie", the focus is, naturally, on sandwiches -- but don't think that means boring. It's the variety, creativity and quality of the fillings that set the menu apart. The foodie in me loves the well-matched and inventive flavours and the artisanal bread. The generous size and house-made mushroom soup impressed Jim and Ed.
Nothing like a locally-made Lake of Bays Pale Ale to complete a meal like this.
Jim had the montreal smoked meat on marbled rye and Ed chose the pulled pork with Memphis style BBQ sauce, jack cheese and slaw on a ciabatta bun.

Sushi is a new addition to the menu this weekend. We shared a sample platter and it was delicious. I finally have a local source for good sushi! Also on offer: a selection of desserts, muffins, scones and baked goods, as well as local beers and specialty coffees.

Yay! Good sushi comes to Huntsville!
Another high note of our dinner was the service. Our server was attentive, helpful and genuine. When we told him we were running a little late and had tickets to the theatre, he let the kitchen staff knew and he made sure we got out in plenty of time for the show.

If you go: Pie Iron Sandwicherie is on Main Street in downtown Huntsville, near the bridge, next to the Bookcase, across from Algonquin Outfitters, just a block down from Algonquin Theatre.

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