Tuesday, October 2

Best of the Best

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A lot of people tell us that autumn is their favourite season, the best time of year to get out of the city and into the forest -- to explore the trails of Algonquin Park, the hills of the Almaguin Highlands, and the vistas of Muskoka.

Well, if fall is the best season of the year, then this year is the best of the best. Everyone is saying that this year the fall colours are the reddest, more vibrant and full ever. It's the eighth autumn that Jim and I have lived here so we don't have all that many years to compare it to, but folks who have lived in the region their entire lives are saying they've never seen anything like it.

The views from the back roads, the highways and the hiking trails are breathtaking. As I drive or walk along I am rendered speechless, and that's no small task! So I'll stop trying to come up with words to describe the awesomeness around me and leave it to the photos to speak for me...

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