Friday, October 19

Golden Encore in the Almaguin Highlands

Fern Glen Inn •

Here we are in late October and the red maple leaves have fallen from the trees. You might think this means the end of fall colours for the season. Think again.

The Golden Encore is underway in the Almaguin Highlands and in parts of Muskoka and the eastern side of Algonquin Park. This is when the maples have finished their big colourful number and the tamaracks, birches and aspen take centre stage to show off their brilliant gold and yellow hues. Set against a backdrop of dark green conifers and deep blue sky, the result is striking.

Throughout the spring and summer months, tamaracks look like evergreen trees, easily mistaken for pine or balsam. But in the fall, usually around mid-October, their needles begin to turn golden yellow before falling like deciduous leaves. The trees spend the winter looking like barren spikes before awakening in the spring with fresh green needles.

Driving through the region at this time of year, we're amazed at the vast tracks of tamaracks that we simply don't notice otherwise. It's another facet of the forests around us, and it's timed perfectly for us to appreciate it -- a last bright blast of colour before the winter sets in, a swan song of the season. I hope you enjoy the show as much as we do.

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