Tuesday, April 30

Petra's Pottery

I've been meaning to write about Petra's Pottery since I first visited her lovely studio and workshop tucked away in the woods just north-east of us.

Petra loves her craft and has been honing it for over a decade. Her pieces and glazes are beautiful to look at, but Petra wants us to do more than admire them -- she wants us to use them.

"Put them in the dishwasher", she says, if that's what it takes to get us to enjoy her collection of dishes, serving pieces and gift ware on a daily bases. They are not meant to be tucked away in a cupboard and only brought out for "special occasions". Every day is special!

Another compelling reason to visit the showroom is it's completely off-grid, as is the artist's home a few steps away. Petra and her husband, Peter, have been off-grid and meeting their own energy needs for over 30 years. They use solar power as well as capturing the energy from a small creek on the property; plus they built their house to be incredibly efficient regardless of the power source.

 If you needed another (or perhaps a specific) reason to visit Petra's showroom yourself, well now you've got it.

Petra is holding an Open House on Mother's Day weekend. There will be free refreshments (coffee, tea, lemonade and Petra's famous carrot cake!), a free draw, demonstrations by the artist in the studio workshop, and a broad selection of products to browse in the showroom.

It's a great opportunity to treat your mom or yourself to a day out and a change of pace. Psst. We also have rooms available if you want to make a weekend getaway out of it!

Petra's Pottery Open House 

Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12
10am - 5pm
647 Skyline Drive, Katrine
Visit Petra's Pottery website for directions.

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