Thursday, March 31

Real. Simple. Getaway.

Ah, Spring!

As March rolls into April, winter gives way to spring in fits and starts. One day will bring sunshine and a warm breeze carrying the scent of springtime. The next may be stark and still.

One day may be perfect for a leisurely stroll, the next for a vigorous hike. And yet another may lull you into a lazy day with a book in one hand, a glass of wine in the other, and your feet stretched out to the sun on a warm day or to a fire on a cool one.

Spring weather is unfailingly, unapologetically, unpredictable. And because of this, spring is considered the "slow season" in these parts. It's too late for winter activities and too soon for the summer stampede of tourists.

It's the perfect time for what I call a Real Simple Getaway. No schedule, no list of must-do activities and must-see sights. Just some real connection with your travel mate (we're not talking virtual *facetime* with electronic devices!). Real food, prepared with care, savoured leisurely. Simple, unhurried passing of time; the chance to step out of the hectic pace of daily life. It's not about doing, but about simply being.

To make this really simple, we've even outlined a package and itinerary for you.

Real Simple Spring Getaway

Package includes:

 • 2 nights accommodation for 2 people
 • hearty breakfast each morning
 • dinner at the inn one evening
 • fresh air, slow pace, time and space

2015 Rate:
$280/couple + tax

Rate shown is after $20 Quiet Season Discount is applied.
Effective April 1 - June 30, 2015
Suggested Itinerary

Day 1:
Arrive. Relax by the fire. Star gaze. Sleep.

Day 2: 

Breakfast. Walk through the woods. Snack. Read. Nap. Stretch your legs. Dinner. Wine. Scrabble. Sleep.

Day 3:

Breakfast. Stroll through town. Browse unique shoppes. Cafe lunch. Home.

Book online or call us toll free at 1-866-311-8519.

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